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Fall core areation and top dressing will make your lawn greener & healthier next spring

Core Aeration

Fall in the Midwest is considered by many to be the best time for aeration of cool season grass, as the turf is busy enhancing the root zones in preparation for winter. Aeration opens up the root zone, promoting new root growth, and when aeration is combined with overseeding, and/or the application of slow-release fertilizer, it helps the turf through winter weather and readies it for new growth in the spring. How can you tell if turf needs to be aerated? Typically, the best way to determine aeration need is to pull core samples to check thatch depth and compaction layers. You’ll want to be sure to pull at least three inch plugs to get a clear picture of the situation. If you observe a thatch layer of more than one-half inch, aeration will be beneficial to help break down the excess thatch. Additionally, watering and weed growth can be valuable in determining the need for aeration. If water is pooling where it didn’t before, it could be due to compacted soil keeping water from infiltrating through the sub-layers.

New construction areas can often benefit from aeration. Construction equipment can compact the soil, and aeration helps make it easier for newly-laid sod to develop a solid root zone. Aerating lawns should be completed by late fall to allow for recovery prior to winter dormancy.

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Our customized fall clean-up will ensure a healthier lawn

Fall Clean-up

Remember, fall clean-up eliminates overwintering pests and gives your landscape a fresh start in the spring! Your plants will go into winter in the best shape possible. Our fall clean-ups include : A detailed collection of leaves and debris from lawns, landscapes and paved areas, cutting all perennials, winter prep pruning of all trees and shrubs, vacuuming and raking all leaves, cleaning gutters & hauling away leaves (optional). Our services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or once-a-season. Additionally, fall is the PERFECT time to maintain those driveways, walkways and patios with sealing and/or sweeping in polymeric sand.

Tune in to GLT's Grow

Support for GLT's Grow comes from Chris Holderly at Advantage Lawn & Landscape Inc.

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Support for GLT's Grow comes from Chris Holderly at Advantage Lawn & Landscape Inc.

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Start thinking about a new landscape design project

Investing in landscaping produces a positive return on investment and spring is the best season to start your landscape design project. Check out our gallery of previous projects for example of our skill and design expertise.

Ready to see your landscaping vision come to fruition? Move forward in confidence with Advantage Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Seal and protect your hardscape surfaces!

We cannot overstress the importance of maintaining your patios. Since 1998 over 7.4 billion square feet of concrete pavers have been installed in the U.S. That's amazing – and that doesn't even include concrete or natural stone patios or drives. But did you know that only 5% of them have been sealed and are properly maintained.

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Useful tips and Remedies for Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscapes

We know better than anyone that pavers, concrete, and natural stone are expensive and I see so many patios not protected. So why not protect that investment.

Pavers Sealant

There are so many reasons why sealing a patio or drive is beneficial. Here are just a few:

  • it adds a protective coat against stains like oil or wine
  • it prevents corrosion from salt, it resists water and improves durability
  • Additionally, it enhances color, and stabilizes joint sand, which increases structural integrity, reduces washout, and inhibits weeds and insects.

That’s a lot of good reasons! We add sealer to all patio projects because it protects customer’s investment and reduces maintenance. Advantage Lawn and Landscape has been certified by SureBond Products to properly clean, maintain and seal your investment. Call today for more details on how easy and inexpensive protecting your patio, sidewalk and driveway can be.

Protect your patio and driveway with Surebond sealant and protect your investment. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning and sealing! (309) 275-9641