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Tips for winter lawn & landscape care
Winter Patio

The most important tip is the need to mow your lawn short for the winter. If the grass is left too long, it will lay over on itself from the pressure of the snow cover which can cause large areas of grass to die, or at least weaken in vigor.

The dormant months are ideal for pruning and trimming evergreen and deciduous trees. A final deep watering will help them get thru the winter months.

A good rule of thumb is to prune spring blooming shrubs immediately after flowering and to prune summer blooming shrubs in the dormant season.

Tie up your loosely branched evergreens and boxwoods to prevent snow damage. Do not use a broom or snow shovel to knock the snow off shrubs, as the limbs may be frozen and extremely fragile. Even the lightest poke at a shrub in such weather can result in substantial damage.

Walkways and patios can take a beating in cold weather. Shifts in temperature and humidity can cause concrete and brick to heave and settle unevenly. Keeping them free of water build up and debris will reduce the chances of winter damage.

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We make it easy! Snowplow

SNOW PLOWING : COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL : ICE CONTROL When the snow starts to fly we are on standby to ensure a clean drive awaits your arrival or departure. We make sure all areas of the drive are clear of snow as well as any designated sidewalks or pathways. With a fleet of trucks and an experienced crew, we are able to maintain residential and commercial lots as well as offer and recommend de-icing options. We offer competitive rates and quick response!


  • Snow plowing
  • Salt parking lots and driveways
  • Snow blowing/shoveling
  • Snow removal
  • Roof shoveling and ice dam control
  • Winter pruning of shrubs and trees
  • Evergreen Wilt-proofing to prevent wind burn and plant stress due to moisture loss


Add some nightime curb appeal with
Landscape Lighting landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to add interest and character to your home and landsape. The obvious one is the appearance as it highlights the focal points of your home and draws attention to that favorite tree or shrub. Lights just like in your home can provide purpose and function as they can brighten up patio or deck areas, add safety as they illuminate pathways and potential trip hazords and lastly for security as you can light up doorways and windows.

There are two types of low voltage lighting: halogen and LED. Halogens are by far a lot cheaper fixture so you can add more lights with less money but require a lot more maintenance than LED lights. LED lights require no maintenance as they last for much longer, about 40,000 hours. And LED lights save about 80% in energy costs which is good for the environment. At first LED lights had a brighter white light unlike the calmer low light of a halogen but now LEDs have soften their lights so now you can't even tell the difference between the two. I suggest you go with LED, you won't be disappointed.

Start thinking about a new landscape design project

Investing in landscaping produces a positive return on investment and spring is the best season to start your landscape design project. Check out our gallery of previous projects for example of our skill and design expertise.

Ready to see your landscaping vision come to fruition? Move forward in confidence with Advantage Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Seal and protect your hardscape surfaces!

We cannot overstress the importance of maintaining your patios. Since 1998 over 7.4 billion square feet of concrete pavers have been installed in the U.S. That's amazing – and that doesn't even include concrete or natural stone patios or drives. But did you know that only 5% of them have been sealed and are properly maintained.

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Useful tips and Remedies for Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscapes

We know better than anyone that pavers, concrete, and natural stone are expensive and I see so many patios not protected. So why not protect that investment.

Pavers Sealant

There are so many reasons why sealing a patio or drive is beneficial. Here are just a few:

  • it adds a protective coat against stains like oil or wine
  • it prevents corrosion from salt, it resists water and improves durability
  • Additionally, it enhances color, and stabilizes joint sand, which increases structural integrity, reduces washout, and inhibits weeds and insects.

That’s a lot of good reasons! We add sealer to all patio projects because it protects customer’s investment and reduces maintenance. Advantage Lawn and Landscape has been certified by SureBond Products to properly clean, maintain and seal your investment. Call today for more details on how easy and inexpensive protecting your patio, sidewalk and driveway can be.

Protect your patio and driveway with Surebond sealant and protect your investment. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning and sealing! (309) 275-9641